How long does the color last?

Approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Chlorine and daily use and removal of waterproof mascara can shorten the life of the color. 

Does it sting when you're applying the color?

It's possible to feel some discomfort if your eyes water causing the color to seep or during the removal phase. But usually, it's a very quick and comfortable service. 

What if I wear contacts?

You will need to remove your contacts prior to your service.

What is brow lightening?

Some people have very dark eyebrows that overpower their face. The tendency is to want to thin the brows out with wax. But a better solution is to subtly lighten the color of the brows to lessen their intensity. In some cases, I may even redeposit a color over the top of the lightened brows to fine tune the color.

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