Constantly rated best natural sunscreen, there are tons of formula choices with this brand!


Wonderful tinted daily use sunscreens!


Keys is a line I have used in my treatments for years. The Solar Rx SPF is a moisturizer and spf 30 in one. Keep in mind, this product is NOT a sport block. Mostly meant for daily cosmetic use on your face. Can be purchased online or in my studio. 

Raw Elements Sunscreen 

VERY waterproof sunscreen stick and lotion. Really great when you're going to be in water or sweating. Love the stick for tattoo protection too! This does have a bit of a white cast to it, but if you need some serious sun protection, this stuff is impressive.  Can also be purchased through Amazon.

Cover Swim- Luxury Fashion Protective Clothing

Sun Protection clothing that is actually stylish!

Collibar Sun Protective Clothing 

Clothing and hats that have a UPF 50. 



These products are just things that I  happen to like. Obviously, always do your own research, and find what feels right for you.


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